Lillian Abbot

Lillian Abbot


In most religions, we have some sort of Heaven and God and sometimes even Gods and Goddesses. We are all in some form of belief of doing what we find in our religions and backgrounds to be the right thing in order to go to our so called “Heaven”. We do the right thing by treating ourselves and others with what we feel in our hearts to be our loving and respectful values or morals, so that when we die, we go to our “Heaven”.

THE GOLDEN QUESTIONS ARE: Where is this Heaven we believe we go to? If your religion does not believe in Spirits or believes that they are bad, then when we die how do we get to our “Heaven”? We all talk about having a Soul, but what do you suppose a Soul really is? For those who religiously believe in the Holy Spirit, what do you suppose the Holy Spirit really is?

THE SIMPLE GOLDEN ANSWER We all have a SPIRIT or SOUL that lives on after death and “HEAVEN” is right in front of you as well as your loved ones and many other Beings of the Light. Jesus has reminded me that seeing is believing! Above is a sample of my reality since November 5, 2012.

I have at this point in time worked with many different Gods and Goddesses of different religions. Many religions do exist beyond what most people have been open to. If you believe in a loving God who would want you to do only good things and not hurt yourself or others, then chances are your God exists. Jesus was whom I learned about as a child, but I had more of a nondenominational belief system. My open mind allowed me to get to know more Gods and Goddesses which Jesus has introduced me to. As unbelievable as this may sound, they all work together!

Please know it took me a great deal of strength and courage to come forward with the information that was being passed down to me through “The Creator and Our Gods and Goddesses.” I most certainly don’t know everything. I am willing to learn and for whatever reasons they chose to work with me, I am going to do my best. It’s an awful big Universe full of surprises. Our human bodies can do more than most of us could have ever imagined. Keep an open mind and heart and bear with me, I’m learning as fast as I can!

Recent Update: 12-3-20

The Bible, Book of Revelations: Bear and Eagle Prophecy

Helpful hint: Stand back from the screen about 5 feet and walk left and right to see dimensions.

Usually when people view this picture they see the Eagle right away. The red arrow is pointing to the back of the Eagle’s head. The bear’s head is almost like a dark shadow below the Eagle’s beak. The Bear is being pointed out by a blue arrow and is facing left. The Dragon overlaps the Bear’s face right next to the Bear’s ear. The wing of the Dragon is over the Bear’s back. There are two yellow arrows pointing at the Dragon. One is at the top of the Dragon’s head and the Dragon is facing left. The other arrow is over the Dragon’s wing. More Information

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