Distance Reiki Home Clearing and Home Blessing

Imagine the possibilities…When Lillian clears a home’s energy she is removing any negative and lower energy. Negative energy can be trapped in a home from arguments, a divorce, something bad happening on the property, etc. We can even bring in a lower energy when we purchased someone’s used furniture. People with a lot of unfortunate issues going on can carry this energy in with them and leave it behind in the home.

It can be felt as thick or dense or even make the hair on the back of your neck want to stand. Some people don’t feel anything at all but have an inner knowing something is just not right.

After Lillian removes all the lower and negative energies from the home she intends to fill the entire house with the healing energy of Reiki. She asks that the energy be used by any living thing entering or living in the home who needs it. She also asks the Angels and Beings of Light and Love from the other side to watch over and bless the home.

Lillian will not be present in the home. Again she does all of this through the use of distant Reiki. Please make sure you provide the address of the home when you are contacted for your appointment time.

Lillian will email anything she picks up.

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