What do the Reiki Master Symbols and Karuna Reiki® Master Symbols heal?

I wanted to touch base lightly on how intensive the Symbols I am using in my session are for healing. There are ancient Japanese symbols that we invoke that are sacred when we do our healing sessions. I will not share the symbols or the names of the symbols out of my great respect for the Reiki Energy, but I will share what the symbols do for the client and the practitioner giving the healing service. When we do healing sessions, we the practitioners also get a healing ourselves just by being the simple channel.

Reiki One:

Symbol number 1: This symbol intensifies the Reiki energy out of the hands or over areas that need more intensive healing. It is often used to seal and end sessions.

Reiki Two:

Symbol number 2: This symbol is invoked for emotional and mental healing.

Symbol number 3: This symbol is the distant symbol and can be used to heal from far away as well as someone’s past or to bring Reiki to a situation coming into the future.

Advanced Reiki:

Symbol number 4: Draws a strengthened channel between the physical self and the higher self. This opens the infinite library of greater wisdom of God to manifest here on our Earth Plane with the practitioner. It also makes the healing work have longer lasting effects after the treatment.

Reiki Master:

Symbol number 5: Strengthens the session covering a wider amount of conditions to be healed at a greater speed. It is also used in the healing attunements and Reiki attunement process.

Symbol number 6: Aligns the chakras and aids in the attunement process of Reiki.


Karuna Reiki® Level 1 symbols:

Symbol number One: Heals at the cellular level, clears rooms of lower or negative energy, deals with past life issues, heals child abuse, and heals karmic issues, prepares the client for a Karuna Reiki® treatment like a spiritual anesthetic.

Symbol number Two: Heals psychic attack, heals sexual and physical abuse issues, heals the unconscious mind or shadow self.

Symbol number Three: Good for contacting spiritual beings, heals addictions and helps create healthy habits, develops compassionate action.

Symbol number Four: clears the mind, can be used to line the chakras, manifests material goals, grounding.

Karuna Reiki® Level 2 symbols:

Symbol number Five: Increases creativity in writers, artists, and dance, heals communication issues, improves the ability to learn, connects the higher self to the lower self.

Symbol number Six: Helps set priorities, helps to manifest goals, grounding.

Symbol number Seven: Claim your power from a controlling situation or person, heals reality awareness, heals the Earth.

Symbol number Eight: Brings peace and creates trust in life, heals insomnia, heals fear and panic, increases in clairvoyance, helps to manifest the best results.


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