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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

I would first like to thank everyone for taking a peak at my website as I am sure the photo tumbler grabbed everyone’s eyes immediately. Yes everyone, they are REAL pictures of spirits including Jesus and Mary, Seraphim, which are the angels of gods throne, and even other angels and Aliens.  Yes, it shocked the heck out of me too!

Here it is my secret gift that I have been trying to wrap my own mind around since November 5, 2012. That was the date that my life, as I knew it, changed forever. Imagine you are me. You are sitting in a room very innocently taking some pictures of a room you just remodeled, when that little voice inside you decides to speak out. First a whisper and then a little louder, “There is a Ghost in your picture!”

I had never seen spirits before, let alone taken a photo of one. I do want to admit though that I always did believe in spirits and secretly wished that I could see them like those mediums you see on TV could. I believed it was within all of us to do this. I have personally experienced different forms of psychic phenomena since I was a child. It obviously has never been to the degree it is now though.  God decided it was my time and bestowed me with the very gift you are viewing. This is just another affirmation we are not in control of things and we owe all of our appreciation to GOD or the CREATOR! I will tell you I have worked with and have seen many different Gods at this point from Buddha to the mythological GODS like Zeus and I am not one to preach any religion. We will just say that I am very open (probably more than most) to seeing and hearing what they want to teach me. Remember my belief system is wide open as long as it is a very LOVING GOD!

I want you to know that it took me a great amount of courage to come forward and share this with the world.  I know that this simple concept is going to rock many peoples’ foundations.  I am in the process of writing a book of the whole story with a good handful of the original pictures as GOD has intended me to do. I am following the process being handed to me, so hang in here with me for even I did not see this one coming!

Amongst a variety pack of other non-related licenses and certifications, I am a certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes both relaxation and healing. I offer distant healing services under the Reiki section of this website. I also use Archangel Raphael’s healing gem when I am guided to do so by the Archangel.

Lillian’s e-mail address is lillianabbot@gmail.com or fill out the web form below.

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