Distant Reiki Healing Session

I am currently certified as both a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master. I offer Distance Reiki Healing Sessions that you can book with me under the section of this website that says Make an Appointment. The sessions are currently $50 for an hour and scheduled in Eastern time. All appointments are final and nonrefundable.

1. Write down your intents on a piece of paper or if you need to, have someone write it for you on what you need from your treatment. On the piece of paper you can write any personal issues that you may be working on in your home life, marriage or relationship with your partner, friendships, work issues, etc. You may also want to use the Reiki Energy to help you with some goals you are trying to reach. When I say my intent on my side of the prayer, I will intend to send healing for the highest and best purpose to any issues on the paper you are holding and your personal health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As a Reiki Practitioner we cannot interfere with someone who does not want to accept healing. The session booked must be in the name of the person (legal first and last name) who will be receiving the session.

2. At your scheduled appointment we will both sit down at the time you have picked in our respective calm and comfortable positions separately. Again, this is a Distant Reiki Healing Session and you can be across the country or in a different country. It doesn’t matter! It is very important you say a simple prayer that you will accept the healing at, or just before our scheduled time. I will invoke both my Reiki and Karuna Reiki® for the use of our healing session. I will say my prayer for your highest and best purpose for both your personal healing and the highest and best purpose of whatever intents you have written on your piece of paper that you will hold in your hands the entire session. Please note that your highest and best purpose may be different than your goals and intents. Reiki energy is spiritually guided by the Creator, or Gods, and I am a simple channel for the energy. It’s up to the Creator or Gods to do the healing work in the way they see fit.

Also in my prayer I will ask your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones who want to be a part of your healing to join me. I will let them know that I am open for some short messages.

3. During the session, do not be alarmed if you are feeling the energy, tingling, warming sensations or cold sensations in areas that you may need healing. This is the Reiki Energy working. The sessions usually have an overall calming and relaxing sensation. At the end of the session, most people usually feel a little lighter overall.

4. At the end of your healing session, I will use the email address you have provided me and email you what I may have intuitionally picked up in your session. Please make sure you have given me a proper email address or your paragraph will not get to you. The short paragraph will include where I felt the energy pull in working on your healing. An example would be I felt a lot of heat over your heart chakra or there was a lot of tingling over your toes on your left foot. It may sort of surprise you what I pick up because it can be an old injury that happened to you as a child where there is still more healing that needs to happen.

If your Angels, or Guides, or loved ones have any short messages I will type them in your email. The messages can have something to do with your paper or something else they want me to let you know that you would not have expected.

5. Please take the time to write us and tell us of your experience with your healing session at lillianabbot@gmail.com. We may use your testimony of your experience on our website.

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