Simple Imagery Bubble Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. You can use the breathing meditation if that works well for you.

Imagine a bright white light above your head that connects you to the Divine God of your choosing. Imagine the white light gently expanding until your whole body from head to toe is covered in it. Now make the light expand to about 3 foot radius outside of your entire body. Feel the love of your God watching over you and the connection you have with them at this moment.

Next imagine a white bubble above your head. Fill it with any negative emotions you are trying to work on currently. Send the bubble up through the light to your God to cleanse. Imagine that bubble coming back cleansed from your God, filled with love and light. Receive the bubble down through the light and let your body be engulfed in the bubble from head to toe. Enjoy the positive feelings for a minute or two.

Next imagine a problem or obstacle you have in your life inside of a new bubble above your head. Be very detailed about the situation or obstacle and what’s bothering you. Send that bubble up through the light to your God for healing. Imagine your bubble coming back from your God completely cleansed and healed. Bring God’s bubble around your entire body from head to toe. Sit in silence in the bubble for a couple of minutes. Is there a better way to handle the situation that will make all parties involved at peace? Accept the healing from God through the bubble.

Take the time to Thank God for the help with your feelings, and your situation. Now list things in your life you are grateful for, and thank God for them as well.

It is always important to be grateful for what you have, regardless of the lessons you are currently learning.

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