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UPDATE: 4-3-22. NEW VISION POSTED Below Just Before the Comments

Helpful hint: Stand back from the screen about 5 feet and walk left and right to see dimensions.

Usually when people view this picture they see the Eagle right away. The red arrow is pointing to the back of the Eagle’s head. The bear’s head is almost like a dark shadow below the Eagle’s beak. The Bear is being pointed out by a blue arrow and is facing left. The Dragon overlaps the Bear’s face right next to the Bear’s ear. The wing of the Dragon is over the Bear’s back. There are two yellow arrows pointing at the Dragon. One is at the top of the Dragon’s head and the Dragon is facing left. The other arrow is over the Dragon’s wing.

According to Nostradamus, the “Bear and Eagle Prophecy” is the prediction of World War lll. The Bald Eagle represents The United States the Bear represents Russia, and the Dragon represents China.

My interpretation of the present picture is that the United States (Eagle) is watching them very closely. Russia (The Bear) and China (The Dragon) appear to be on the same side and the Dragon appears to be in front of the decisions going on.

The crazy part of being given visions such as these is I am at a bouncy house. My guides will grab my attention whenever they see fit. It does not matter what I am doing. Again, I am only a human who just basically woke up one day with an extraordinary gift.


I first want to say, I don’t wish for war for anyone. I think wars are a battle of the human ego and many innocent lives are lost. It’s horrible for both the people who choose to fight for their countries and the innocent civilians who are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a waste of resources for struggling countries, and a terrible thing to kill innocent human beings no matter what their background.

I fell into a deep sleep for a nap today. I want to say this isn’t my first time having a psychic dream, but they are becoming stronger. I am also getting more and more information. I am in no way in control of what God gives me or when. It simply just happens. I have been asking for a picture of the current Bear and Eagle Prophecy.  Currently as of the date of this post,  I do not have another picture other than the first one posted.

I believe this dream was given to me for the Bear and Eagle Prophecy written in Revelation of the Bible, because this is the first time I have ever dreamt of a Lion and a Bear. I live in the United States. In my dream I was in my parent’s neighbor’s house where my friend O was living. I heard some leaves rustling and I quietly pulled my friend and myself closer to the door of the home. I could tell a large wild animal was near.

I watched a Male Lion appear. He was much larger and greater than I ever would have guessed. His head towered over the shed.  I could tell that he was hunting or about to pounce on an animal. In my parents yard I thought maybe a deer was there that the Male Lion would eat. When I got the guts up to peak around the side of the shed, I noticed that a Female Lion was wrestling with a Bear. The Giant Male Lion pounced and the war started between these large beautiful, yet scary animals. They all tumbled and ran after each other until they were no longer near me.

I know I felt close enough to be scared at what I was watching, but far enough away to be safe. I also found it odd that this message is delivered to me on Halloween of all days.

If I had to simplify my interpretation of the message, I don’t feel I’m supposed to judge this vision I just saw. Just tell the world what I saw currently. I will only do things this huge as I am told to by God.

UPDATE: 12-3-20

I had a very unexpected vision again the other night. It is always so random when they come.

I had what I call my picture messages. Picture messages for me are not the photos on my site. They are just things I see with my visions outwardly.

I was looking in the mirror when I saw all the spirits start to appear. The first thing I saw was Santa Clause, the second was Pinnochio with his nose growing, the third was Dragon, and the 4th picture was a lot of men in war helmets. These were the literal pictures in the order given to me.

My intepretation is somewhere around Christmas (I don’t know what year), China would have some lies surface. I believe what surfaces in lies is going to lead to a war.

UPDATE: 4-3-22

I a lot of times see things I dismiss and then realize God was trying to get me new information. I am just a human being.

When the war first started and I would close my eyes for sleep, I kept seeing air raids. All kinds of dark sky with missiles shooting across it. Then I saw one extremely bright bomb explode. From that bomb going out I saw these large waves coming off of it. I don’t know anything about bombs and types of missiles. I believe that bomb I saw was a nuclear bomb by how huge, bright, and with waves coming off of it. I wish I could say this was over. I don’t care for war as many innocent people die, and the land and beautiful buildings have been destroyed. I think at some point a nuclear bomb is used and we will all know it when it happens.

Please do not use judgemental statements in the comment section based on race, color, religion, gender (sex), disability (handicap), familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, etc. Lillian Abbot believes in not judging anyone.

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