More sample photos.

Click on the photo to display all of the arrows. Helpful hint: Stand back from the screen about 5 feet and walk left and right to see dimensions.

There are many different Gods, and Angels, and beings of the light standing around me in the picture. I know the whole idea blows my mind as well. Please note the things you are seeing are from a few different religions, not just one. They are all completely happy being next to me in the same space. They are not fighting. There is no holy war; we don’t see light sabers, laser beams or explosions behind me. Let me help you understand a simple concept for my new found God friends, or another word for them is Ascended Masters. The only reason a God has an ego is because man made it up! No God has an ego, nor do they despise one another. This is all human’s fault and their false interpretations. They will join hands and work together just as they are helping me with this photo. The Gods and the Creator are LOVE!

We will start with the very obvious 6 red wings behind me, which is a Seraphim, known as the Burning Ones or Angels of Gods throne. You can see the Seraphim face at the side of the screen with the purple arrow. Seraphim are mentioned in the Bible in one place in Isaiah 6: 1-8. They have 6 red wings, two to cover their feet, two to cover their face and two to fly with. They are known to fly around the Throne of God crying “holy, holy, holy the whole earth is full of glory.” The prophet Isaiah had a vision of seeing the Lord (which is the Creator) and the Seraphim flying above him. One Seraphim carries out an act of purification for the prophet Isaiah by touching his lips with a live coal from the alter. Isaiah was a prophet for God.

The Seraphim are not scary, but I would describe them as looking more cartoon-like in the face. The Seraphim is facing slightly right with its mouth slightly open.

Prophet is the old-fashioned word for our modern Mediums, Light Workers, and Psychics. Jesus was a prophet along with many other people in the Bible and nobody had a problem with them then. Why do people have problems with people who have visions now? The new terminology is Clairvoyant.

Horus, which is an Egyptian God, is just above my head. He has a blue arrow pointing right at his beak. Horus has a falcon like face. He is a sky and sun God and he really does a wonderful job with helping to enhance my clairvoyant visions. He also helps people to see all viewpoints of a situation and handle obstacles with love.

Horus eventually won the throne to Upper and Lower Egypt. This God is also great with helping to move forward things with strength and courage. He is a part of a team of Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides that are working with me.

Mary is above Horus in the picture. Everyone knows Jesus and Mary from the Bible. Mary bore Jesus on Christmas day. Mary is always with me and watching over me. She is wearing the long garment over her head that she is often depicted wearing in photos of her. There is a green arrow pointing at Mary. She is facing right slightly.

El Morya overlaps the Seraphim’s face slightly. There is a yellow arrow pointing right at the gem of his head wrap. Remember these pictures are multi-dimensional and there are Beings of the Light layered on Beings of the Light. He is facing forward. On top of the Seraphim’s right eye, you can see El Morya’s very bright white teeth in a smile. He is a dark-skinned man with a head wrap that looks like a turban. In the head wrap towards the center you will notice a large gem. The picture is just his face. Sometimes I get full bodies and sometimes I just see faces.

El Morya was first channeled by Madame Blavatsky. Madame Blavatsky wrote channeled books with El Morya on Ascended Masters. El Morya is believed to be a man named Ranbir Singh and has been referenced as “Rajput prince” and a “Tibetan Mahatma”. El Morya is known for helping people to keep their faith. During my Reiki sessions he is very helpful with protection-especially to energy workers and to keep light workers or mediums from psychic attack. He is also essential in keeping me grounded.

There are many other Gods in this photo, but I was afraid to put too many arrows in, in fear of covering up other faces of the Gods.

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