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Book Synopsis:

I have been given a God given gift, which was handed to me to share with the world.  I express the unique ability to take pictures of Spirits of my choosing at will, so clearly most people can see them right away. I can take pictures of the multidimensional realm of the hereafter. This realm is right here in front of us. When we focus on the pictures, it is similar to one of those magic eye posters. I may initially see the first Spirit staring at me, but with further time to focus, I can see Spirits beyond the Spirits dimensionally.

The book I created is to serve as an awakening to Spirit and the multidimensional hereafter.  It teaches people what Spirit looks like and how to see them. The photographs can be used to aid in teaching mediumship and clairvoyance.  My book tells my true story and my natural reaction to permanent changes in my life yet to come. It also shares how my gift not only affected me, but the people around me. The unique twist is the real pictures of Spirit.

The book also reaches into the past of other Scryers who were able to see Spirits and the Gods the same way I do. The missing link is the photos or the tangible evidence. Seeing is believing!

Think of me as catching Nostradamus in his earliest years of his gift and what it was really like to just be an ordinary human being with such an extraordinary God given gift.

Nostradamus Bear and Eagle Prophecy

The picture above is a picture spirit gave to me of the infamous Bear and Eagle Prophecy from Nostradamus. To the left is the eagle and to the right is the bear and overlapping the bear is the dragon, yet the picture was taken at a bouncy house of all places. Spirit definitely has a sense of humor! This is an example of my ordinary world with its own extraordinary twist delivered by the hands of God and other Beings of Light.

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