Lillian's expertise in reiki truly helped me heal and recover from the most challenging part of my life. I loved reiki so much that I decided to take her classes as well and learn how to heal myself. I became a reiki master and I am loving putting everything I have learned into practice. Lillian truly cares about her clients and goes out of her way to make sure they are getting the most out of the entire experience. I highly recommend Lillian both for her reiki healing sessions as well as her reiki classes.

- Julie

Lillian made a significant difference in my overall health and well being.   I came to her with high cortisol levels and liver issues.  She was able to bring my cortisol levels down to a normal level and help my body heal the liver.  My quality of life became so much better!

- Lori

I began seeing Lillian to help me with my migraines. After the second reiki treatment, I began to feel different. My mind became clearer, my memory was getting better, and the headaches were almost non-existent. During one session, I told Lillian that my mood had improved and my anxiety was practically gone. She said, “You’re welcome.” My irritability at home, my road rage, and my stress at work began to change. I wasn’t angry anymore. The self-talk in my head began to change too and I became more positive. I was at peace.

Friends and family noticed how much calmer I have been and have asked what I have been doing. Receiving reiki is only one part of my adventure down this path. I took a Reiki 1 class from Lillian and learned how to practice on myself, my pets, and my family. It has helped me to recognize all that I have to be grateful for, even on a stressful day. It calms me and has taught me how to meditate, and be mindful. The wonderful feeling of healing power that one feels when receiving or giving reiki cannot be explained. It has to be tried and one must have faith that it is a gift from your Source (for me it’s God). Being able to channel healing energy for my family has been amazing and I am so thankful that Lillian has given me the opportunity to learn under her so that I can help those that I love. I look forward to learning more and moving through the classes so that I can help the children that I work with also. Words cannot express my gratitude for this experience.

- Brenda Morgan

I want to publicly thank Lillian Abbot for doing reiki on me this past month. My system has been terribly taxed and she has done things for me doctors couldn’t do! Lillian NEVER take your gifts for granted and KNOW just HOW MUCH of a difference you make in others’ lives!!! My body is functioning better than it has been in years on ‘multiple’ levels. Some systems are moving in ways on their own that they never did before without medications. THANK YOU from the DEPTHS of my HEART!!! Your gifts are like no others I’ve ever met! 

- Lori M R

I first met Lillian almost a year ago (July 2016) as a participant of a local wellness fair as she was practicing partner reiki with a fellow Reiki master.  I was amazed at the shift in energy I felt within my body and the intuitive knowing she shared during our session!  Since our first meeting, I have received regular Reiki treatments from Lillian (monthly and bi-weekly cycles) and the experience has been amazing!  Lillian has a very strong intuitive ability that she carefully and consciously tunes into that assists her with how to proceed with each Reiki treatment.  Sessions with Lillian are highly interactive and extremely empowering.  She encourages her clients to go within to feel the movement of energy as well as make connections and interpretations of the energetic flows and blockages she picks up.  This being my first experience with a medical intuitive, I appreciate the feedback given in addition to the invitation to participate in the process.

Lillian has helped me by realigning and grounding my body and mind after I experienced some life events that left me feeling all out of sorts.  Our individual Reiki sessions helped me in moving emotionally blocked energy and assisted me in finding a state of balance, which in turn supported me in getting back on my feet again after a very upsetting and unsettled time of my life.  Over the years, I have studied and incorporated a variety of meditation and energy based practices as a part of my spiritual practice, yet I still found myself in a rut where I needed some extra guidance and support.  My regular Reiki sessions with Lillian helped me to shift the past blockages and continue to supplement the other spiritual practices I incorporate in my life.

Recently, I shared Lillian's  Reiki practice and medical intuitive abilities with a few close members of my family within my home.  Along with a small group presentation that included her background experience and an introduction to Reiki, each person received a personal 1:1 experience with Lillian for about 15-20 minutes.  During that time, each and every one of my family members were floored by what they experienced.  Lillian helped each of them in very individual, unique, and meaningful ways.  I am still amazed by the feedback my family members shared with me!  As a result of our gathering, each of us were inspired and open to learn more.

In addition to receiving my regular Reiki treatments, I am continuing with Lillian my studies of energy based practices as a student within her Reiki training classes.  I find great enjoyment in deepening my understanding and personal practice under her guidance.  Lillian not only shares the history and methodologies of traditional Reiki, she supplements the teaching with her personal, hands on style and techniques.  She inspires in us to tap into our own intuitive ability, which in turn empowers us on our own personal path.  Lillian supports us in using these techniques as a way to practice Reiki for ourselves and incorporate the energy into our lives.  As we connect and balance ourselves, we are more open and available to assist others.

I appreciate many things about Lillian beyond what I have already shared.  Just to name a few…  She is a continual learner, always reading, practicing, and extending her knowledge and abilities.  She has a nice sense of humor and enjoys chatting and laughing in helping me in feeling comfortable while practicing Reiki.  She is extremely confident and will tell you like she sees and feels it without sugar coating the experience.  She is very resourced and knowledgeable in her abilities and is quick and thorough in answering many questions as I expand my knowledge and practice under her support and guidance. 

If you are open to a deep, meaningful energetic experience that may offer you the potential to live a more connected and balanced life, Lillian is a great choice as both a Reiki practitioner and teacher.  🙂


I had an incredible healing experience with Lillian, who has several different Reiki healing modalities to share. She did a DNA healing session on me recently and I have never felt energy move through and out my body like that before. I felt energy moving out from my palms and chakras. I had two worry knots release in my colon and I felt very calm afterward.  I have noticed clearer thinking, memory and better sleep since. 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I've received Reiki from Lillian numerous times to help heal my occasional depression and anxiety. I am constantly blown away from the before and after of her Reiki. I have gone to see her when I would be utterly depressed and I would walk out feeling super light, content, balanced, and clear-headed. I have even received distance Reiki while going through a panic attack and after her reiki, I would feel normal and balanced again. I've always been an open-minded skeptic. I don't understand how she does it but her Reiki healing is powerful and I highly recommend.


Since I've met Lillian, my life has drastically changed in a positive way!  I've known Lillian for many years, so I can attest to her kind heart and true abilities.  After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments and heartbreak, she suggested I try Reiki.  I was skeptical of course.  I didn't understand it, and it's hard to believe in things that aren't physically concrete.  But after trying everything else under the sun, I figured I had nothing to lose. The reiki treatment was calming and I left feeling like I needed a nap!  Imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I found out I was pregnant and that this last infertility treatment finally worked after 9 failures! I delivered a healthy set of twins! Of course a few years later when I went back to the doctor so we could try to add another child to our family, I also saw Lillian again for Reiki. This time, the very first infertility treatment worked and I am now a proud mother to 2 sets of twins! Lillian also helped my one baby when she was in the NICU, sending her healing Reiki as she endured a tough few weeks in the beginning of her life. She is now healthy and thriving!  Lillian also has helped me control my anxiety on several occasions, when I used to need medications to do the same. It's easy to cast doubt upon something you may not know about or understand, but until you experience it and see what a positive effect it can have on your life, don't underestimate Lillian!

- KS

I’ve been accepting Reiki treatments for only a few months but in that short time I’ve seen tremendous results.  I suffer from an irritable bowel disease called ulcerative colitis and had been experiencing several flares within the last two years as a result of work and personal stress.  I regularly see a gastroenterologist in hopes to control the flares but have been experiencing mixed results.  I realized that I needed something more to help me reach a better state of mind and health so I figured that I would give Reiki a try.  I was skeptical at first and even thought this may be a waste of my time and money.  My first visit yielded some amazing results:  my back pains subsided, my abdominal cramping and pains eased and I even felt calmer and more relaxed.  I have continued to receive treatments every two weeks and I have consistently seen and felt better results.  I feel more relaxed, able to handle stress better; the nagging pain or aches have eased significantly and I sleep more soundly so I feel more rested in the morning.  I feel more in control of my ulcerative colitis than I have in months; I haven’t felt this good in some time.  Even though I exercise regularly, eat healthfully, and try to get enough sleep Reiki helps me achieve that balance between mind and body.

- Jen

To comment on my first reiki and medium session...

It was during a time in my life that lots of things were changing, people were sick and dying.  One example, my uncle was really sick and in Hospice, I knew the end was coming and I had a family vacation scheduled (for 6 months) with another family and we were the hosts, so it was hard to just cancel the trip.  So, during my reiki session, I was told my uncle would pass in 7-8 days. Knowing it was happening and soon, I was able to enjoy what would  be my last time seeing him alive and have a wonderful conversation with him, we talked, laughed, and remembered all the good times and appreciated all the time we had spend together in the last 6 months while under my care ( for the most part), before he slipped in his coma like state and passed away 7 days later, while I was on vacation.  This was just one of the many things I was told during my reiki.  It was a very positive experience, I felt somewhat lighter, and I tend to view some things a bit differently, always watching things around me, never knowing who may be with me, here on earth or in Heaven !!!!! 

                                                                         - Nikki

My life has been totally changed by having Lillian as one of my closest friends. When I met Lillian, I had no idea what blessings she would give me with new knowledge and understanding of Reiki and the spiritual realm.

It was something I had never given much thought to. I had no religious upbringing but had been slightly influenced by my middle school and high school friends to attend a pretty average American Christian church from time to time. After attending the church every so often I started to give the notion of God some serious thought. The idea of God felt right to me and I knew I was happy when I could attend church and learn about God, but something always felt a little off to me. I slowly stopped attending church and lived my life as I had before, yet I never let go of the belief in my God.

When I met Lillian we quickly became friends and would enjoy each other’s company by going for walks outside, going to the gym, or meeting for lunch. As Lillian and I became closer I learned that she was beginning an education in Reiki. As Reiki is just now gaining popularity, I had not heard of it at the time. I asked her what Reiki was, and after she explained, I regarded it with a thought of “ huh, well that’s pretty cool!” and we didn’t talk much about it after that. As our friendship grew she was able to see that I was trustworthy and loyal and she started to feel more comfortable opening up to me. One day when Lillian and I were out on a walk, she casually asked me what my beliefs were when it came to mediums and the like; such as dreaming something will happen before it does and seeing spirit. I explained that I think that there’s definitely some validity behind it, but besides seeing some documentaries on TV, I didn’t have much experience in the matter. After I responded in an open-minded manner she knew she could trust me.

“Well, O, I’m clairaudient” she said. “I am able to hear spirit. I’ve had this gift for a while but I’ve noticed as I get older that the gift grows and I am learning new things with it. “

I was immediately so intrigued. I was asking her questions about her gift and how it worked and was pretty astonished by it.

Some time goes by and our friendship continues to grow. Lillian found her partner L, and we had all become close friends, making time for each other every Monday night. One day when I went over to Lillian’s house she seemed very excited. “I have something to show you.” She said, and then proceeded to prepare me for what was to come. She hands me her cell phone and on it I see a picture; just and ordinary picture of one of the walls in her house with the mirror hanging on the wall. She said “Do you see it?”

“What am I looking for?” I asked. She pointed in the picture and showed me the shapes that I was looking for. She had captured spirit in a picture. It was L’s grandpa. After she trained my eyes to see what was there, I could clearly see L’s grandpa smiling from ear to ear. I was totally fixated. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined such a phenomenon. I stared at several of the pictures for quite some time. Later that day she took me into that room of her house. She had me stand in the spot where she took the picture and tried to get me to see how she was able to see spirit so well in that particular spot. After she asked to see spirit again she took out her phone to snap more pictures for me. I couldn’t see what she was seeing without the aid of the camera, but as soon as she captured spirit in a picture I could see it clear as day. She even got a picture of my deceased cat that night, which brought me to tears. I just couldn’t help it. It was surreal, yet unmistakably true. Lillian and I stayed in that room for a long time that night taking picture after picture, both of us in pure awe of what was happening. I think I finally went home at midnight or 1am.

Over the next few months or so she opened up even more to me and explained to me about how Reiki was a way for her to become a more spiritual person and it was an easy way to explain to the average person that she was a light worker and a healer. She even said that after receiving her Reiki attunements that her gifts had become different in some ways and she was learning more and developing. She even said that she felt that I may be sensitive to seeing or hearing spirit as she was.

After Lillian completed her education in Reiki, I scheduled an appointment with her to have a Reiki session. During the session I could feel her hands become exceedingly hot on some areas of my body and ice cold on others. She said that is the Reiki energy flowing through her hands and into me to give me healing where I need it. I continued to schedule more Reiki sessions with Lillian as I would always feel fantastic after Reiki. I loved the balanced feel that it gave my body, mind and soul. Lillian would also work her mediumship into her Reiki sessions. As she gave a Reiki session she would see some of her client’s family members that had passed on or even spirit guides and pets. She explains what she sees to the client and it’s a magical experience.

Every time I go to Lillian for Reiki she has new messages for me and new spirits to explain to me. A few months ago during Reiki, she said that she felt that I would be driving and would see a huge car crash to which I would send my healing Reiki energy (oh yeah, I am a Reiki practitioner now too), and I filed that comment in my mind and prepared to see the big car crash soon. A few months passed and I had pretty much forgotten about her saying that, when on my commute home from work one day I see a huge crash. Memories of that Reiki session came flooding back and I immediately sent my Reiki energy to all those involved in the crisis. I knew it was what I was supposed to do. Aside from this reading i have had the unique experience of hearing from my family members that have passed on, seeing their pictures and even seeing my spirit guides.

I could write and endless account for all the ways that Lillian’s gift has changed her life and mine. Because of her I have found what God and the spiritual realm really means to me and have even began to develop my own clairvoyant and clairaudient skills along with Reiki. She and L are true and loyal friends and blessings in my life and I know I was meant to find them.

                                                                                                                  -O (Open minded friend)

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