More sample photos.

Helpful hint: Stand back from the screen about 5 feet and walk left and right to see dimensions.

Well here is a HUGE can of worms for the public eye. Yes everyone, other forms of life do exist.  The truth is that people have been taught that people like me who can see these things are crazy, while the underlying fact all along is we were the ones who knew the truth. The truth is we see every entity of existence because we can see their spirits. God, the same exact one that made you and me, made more than one mold of intelligent life. Think about this. Did you think you were really the only one?

I have not seen a walking talking life form of an Alien; I see their spirits, just the same as I see the Holy Spirit.

There are two Aliens who I see regularly that are actual parts of my Spiritual Guides. Most importantly, they have absolutely never scared me. The one above my head with the blue arrow, and is beige in color, is one I see often. He is actually facing left and has a very large bald head and (sorry my little space friend) but a very large ear.  His space weapon is pointed to the floor and has a purple arrow at the opening.  He usually hangs out with me in my living room but he travels with me and protects me from lower energy spirits when I travel. He is a guardian of me. That’s why you see his little space weapon in his hand.

I’m sure you can probably see it in his face, but he was quite happy to take that picture with me out of town. I was in a hotel in that photo. The other one is to the left of him and most people describe them as “The Greys.”

The Grey who works with me often will actually join in my healing sessions because they are extraordinarily advanced in this topic. The Grey has a yellow arrow.

When I say my prayer, I allow any other Healers of the Light to join me if it’s for the highest and best purpose of the client. The Greys are very advanced in healing and are here to help. Who are we to judge? Judge not less ye be judged is what I have been taught. If the intentions are positive, only good things can come from it. Jesus will only allow Beings of the Light in there with us during healing sessions.

I’m sure you can only imagine, but I am spiritually quite guarded by Beings of Love and Light. I also have much faith in them!

I know for some, this is too much to grasp just yet, but soon enough we will have a deeper understanding just as God intended us to have.

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