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Helpful hint: Stand back from the screen about 5 feet and walk left and right to see dimensions.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are my staples of my belief system. Jesus is in the middle and very bright. Mary has a hood on to the right, and Joseph is to the left of Jesus’s head. They are next to the blue arrow. Starting closest to the arrow is Joseph, then Jesus, then Mary. Joseph is looking to the left, Jesus is looking straight on, and Mary’s head is turned towards Jesus, almost looking down slightly.

Jesus was the first God to have appeared to me. To be honest, I would not have known who the other Gods were when Jesus showed up. I had a moment where I thought to myself “I wonder if it’s asking too much to see Jesus after seeing my family members and my Reiki guide.” I felt that maybe Gods don’t always appear to people who see spirits, but then my counter thought happened. “Isn’t the Holy Spirit a Spirit?”

No sooner than the words left my mouth, I had Jesus before me and he has not left my side since. Ask and ye shall receive, was pretty much how that went down quicker than I could react. The presence of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is so beautiful. It’s calming, reassurance of who I have been to people in this life. Love beams at you beyond the imagination with their presence in the room. I know that Jesus is proud of me and I can say that I am proud of me.

My life has been nowhere near perfect and there have been lessons and tears more than I can count. I have been knocked down for a TKO, but somehow come back with a brilliant attitude. I have been admired in how I deal with adversity and obstacles. All I can say to myself is “I am just a simple person trying to do the right thing.”

The right thing is not holding in my gift due to how the world could react. Jesus gave me my gift to SHARE, that thing we learn as children (well at least most of us). No matter what comes of this, I did what Jesus intended me to do. I realized not everyone is going to like me a long time ago.

I am being backed by the Gods and whatever courage was hard for me to muster up, they are helping me with. It’s just like all my diversity. They carried me through the hard times and for that I am forever grateful. This website and books that come from this is a sign of my thanks! Thank you to the divine entities who show me love every single day! This is my appreciation!

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