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Welcome to the Spirit Photo Gallery! All photos are 100% real photos of Spirits taken by Lillian Abbot. This was an absolutely mind blowing discovery I made starting November of 2012. I never even knew taking pictures of a spirit was a possibility for a human being, nor did I know this was a gift I had in my possession until recently.

A complete book is being written called “My Sacred Gift, Pictures from Heaven” with all the details of the unveiling of my gift. Please check the book section of this website for a summary and a release of a sneak preview chapter. You may also sign up for emails for the release of any books or new photos being put up on this website.

Admission to the Spirit Photo Gallery is $5 and the session will automatically close approximately 24 hours from the purchase time. All sales are final and nonrefundable. A portion of all proceeds of the Spirit Photo Gallery will go to a charity of my choice in January of the following year. This year’s charity donation will be “Make A Wish”. The charity of each year will always be listed on this website.

I hope to help Science and Religion come together with a new understanding of our universe and mankind. I am also proud to be a part of the many healing channels of God. I would be surprised if these photos didn’t blow you away the same way they did me. Enjoy with an open heart and mind; this is my multidimensional reality.


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